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5th Conference- University of Pennsylvania 
(Wharton Aerospace Conference)

The fifth conference was held jointly with The University of Pennsylvania's annual conference, the Wharton Aerospace Conference hosted by the Wharton Aerospace Community. From theoretical manifestations in the realm of research to industry executives, there were a multitude of speakers from a wide range of aerospace backgrounds. Students were able to converse with speakers and receive valuable career insight.

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4th Conference - Virtual

Due the COVID-19 pandemic, the fourth Ivy Space Coalition Conference was held virtually over zoom. Because of the remote format, undergraduates from schools as far as Las Vegas were able to attend.

3rd Conference - Brown University

The third conference was held jointly with Brown's annual conference, Space Horizons. There were a multitude of speakers from a wide range of backgrounds, and students from RISD exhibited rovers they designed and constructed.

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2nd Conference - University of Pennsylvania

The second conference added breadth to aerospace topics my introducing conversations about economics, law, and other humanities in addition to STEM.

1st Conference - Yale University

The inaugural Ivy Space Coalition (formerly known as the Inter-Ivy Space Coalition) feature speakers like Dr. Fuk Li of JPL, professor Alessandro Gomez, and Ellen Chang, co-founder of Lightspeed Innovations.

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