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Who We Are

The Ivy Space Coalition (ISC) is an organization that represents a large constituency of space-related organizations spanning across the entire Ivy League. Previously, although each of the respective Ivy League institutions possess one or more student project teams or clubs focusing on space technology and exploration, the project teams and clubs were all relatively disconnected with one another, even within a given school’s campus. Bridging this intra-Ivy and inter-Ivy disconnect is the primary goal of the Ivy Space Coalition.
Our aim is to connect students and organizations across the Ivy League that have an interest in aerospace engineering, space exploration, and improved space technology, thereby fostering a greater sense of space community through shared connections, conversations, and experiences. In partnering together as a League, not only do students have the unique opportunity to individually benefit from one another’s knowledge in expanding their respective clubs and project teams, but they also have the chance to revolutionize the fast-growing space community collectively.

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Active Member Organizations


Brown University

Brown Space Engineering - We are an undergraduate student group at Brown University with multiple projects currently in development. Our primary mission is to prove the accessibility of space to people of all backgrounds. To accomplish this we are approaching the project with a DIY attitude; if we can make a part ourselves, we do. As a result we have an extremely low budget. Additionally we are open sourcing EVERYTHING. Currently, our PVDX satellite, currently in development, aims to serve as a platform for direct interaction with space and lower the barriers of entry to the aerospace industry by increasing the accessibility of satellite design and construction.


Columbia University

Columbia includes several aerospace related clubs on campus. Columbia Space Initiative (CSI), Columbia AIAA (Airplane Club), and BlueShift (Astronomy Club) are all groups with a common passion for aerospace and space exploration. Since Columbia does not offer an aerospace program, these clubs offer students an opportunity to pursue their interests in space exploration and space technology with like-minded students and colleagues. Designing for space with hands on projects teaches both technical and teamworking skills that are not typically incorporated in every day classes. These clubs also offer students the opportunity to network and connect with the aerospace industry and notable individuals in the field. 

The Columbia Space Initiative is a student space technology and outreach club that serves as an umbrella organization for mission teams involved in everything from nanosatellite mechanical design to hosting space policy forums. This past year, CSI competed in the final rounds of two NASA competitions, tested our own asteroid anchor in NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab, and presented our proposed mission to Mars at Cape Canaveral. Airplane Club is the Columbia University Chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Columbia AIAA Club). It is a build team and a pre-professional society, providing its members with experience in aeronautical CAD design, manufacturing, construction, flying, and technical report writing as well as professional opportunities. Each year Airplane Club aims to build a new plane to compete in the AIAA Design Build Fly competition. BlueShift, Columbia’s astronomy club, is made up of undergraduates who share a genuine interest in astronomy. BlueShift hosts events and speakers that educate the community about astronomy and allows students to build connections with other students, faculty and astronomy department members. 

With three individual space related groups on campus, we’re excited to have ISC as a bridge to bring us all together and connect with congruent clubs across the Ivy League.


Princeton University

Princeton’s Aerospace Activities are supported by three primary groups: the Princeton Aviation Association, Princeton Rocketry Club, and Princeton Astronomy Club. Many of Princeton’s ISC members are also members of these organizations.

Princeton Aviation Association (PAA) is Princeton’s primary outlet for aviation interests. The Princeton Rocketry Club (PRC) allows students to design, build, and ultimately test their own projects. Princeton Astronomy Club (PAC) hosts stargazing nights, private observing, book club, and other educational events.

Each club, in addition to the ISC, frequently works to host speakers from various niches in the aerospace industry: pilots, maintenance workers, engineers, astronomers, and more. 


University of Pennsylvania

The Penn Aerospace Club (PAC) is a student-led organization at the University of Pennsylvania. PAC serves to educate budding engineers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts in the aerospace and flight industries. Through the club’s projects and events, we hope to elevate passion for space around campus.
The club is divided into four sub-teams: Rocketry, Balloon, Aircraft, and Operations. Each team strives to achieve excellence in its technical projects, collaborative work, and community events.
As the primary aerospace-focused group on campus, PAC is comprised of the best aerospace talent Penn has to offer. We serve a wide audience, with over 70 members, and the club continues to grow every semester with new recruits.

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Yale University

YUAA members work in teams to build and fly rockets, planes, quadcopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles. From first idea to finished aircraft, YUAA projects are entirely student-run. Since 2010, YUAA has helped foster Yale’s engineering community by welcoming students of any experience level or background and hosting events to promote aerospace engineering on campus.

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